About us


We maintain the vision of improving society so that it can peacefully resolve its conflicts by integrating cultures, histories, and perceptions. Trying to achieve a future where the human being is recognized as a generator of positive changes for a better coexistence. 


Our commitments are based on strengthening

- dialogue as a bridge of communication between people

- participation as a personal commitment

- the search for agreements that take into account the interests of the parties involved

- responsible decision-making as mechanisms to revalue and strengthen the social networks that sustain democratic coexistence and the future of our society.

Mission and objectives

Our mission is to spread the culture of peace through peaceful conflict resolution from a multidisciplinary and active multi-cultural perspective. Training and research are two pillars for this. The initiatives stimulate the participation and commitment of the community. Opening spaces for responsible dialogue allows us to give a voice to the voiceless. Finally, another of our main objectives is to promote inter-institutional changes that strengthen and provide new contributions to society.

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Our work

Executive Directors 


Med. Diana de la Rúa Eugenio

Executive Secretary

Patricia Iud


Mario Ostera

Academic Division

Sara Horowitz 

Volunteer Body

Director of Social Media and Communication

Lic. Sofia Belén Chiodo

Director of Fundraising.

Lic. Melanie Camila Patelli